Monday, August 22, 2011

Sea World- just Jake and Mama 6-29-11

We had a great day!
  Whale shirt? Check!
  Meeting Shamu! Jacob petted his fin and called him a kitty!
  This is one of his favorite things- watching the dolphins go by
  Waiting for the Shamu show to start. It was so hot we sat in the splash zone, but we didn't get wet!
  After the show, it poured!
  Eating lunch while we wait for the rain to let up
  He fell asleep with his sandwich still in his hand!

Thanks to the rain cover, he did not get wet at all!

Play dates! With our Tuesday Playgroup

We love our Tuesday Playgroup!

6-14-11 Florida Mall
  The Jacobs imitate each other now! It is so cute to see them start to play together
  Those yoga classes are paying off!

Orlando Science Center 6-21-11
  I think I might have gotten all the kids here! Jacob, Shayna, Jacob, Gretchen, Rowan and Paige
  Favorite instrument- look at that smile!
  Picking oranges
  Gretchen and Jacob on the train
  Jacob and Jacob
  Jacob and Rowan
Splash pad 6-28-11






Hugs from Gretchen