Saturday, October 17, 2009

Belly Pictures

26 weeks

27 weeks

28 weeks - 7 months

*How far along?: 7 months
*Total weight gain: I think I will pass on this question from now on ;)
*How big is baby?: About 2 and 1/2 lbs, according to my books
*Maternity clothes?: Yes!
*Sleep?: I fall asleep quickly but get up a few times a night
*Best moment this week?: Sean coming home after being away for a week
*Movement? His kicks are getting harder, and I can see my belly move when he kicks
*Food cravings?: anything sweet, like cake...mmmm. And pickles still
*Labor signs?: Unfortunately YES! (see previous post). But not anymore
*Belly button in or out?: It is about even with my belly, so not really in or out right now
*What I miss: tuna sushi
*What I'm looking forward to: the nursery furniture arriving
*Milestone: Entering the third trimester!

And one more picture, just shopping for some necessities...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scary night!

Well, little Jacob gave us quite a scare the other night! I had been having cramps for 3 days, but they were so minor I didn't really think anything of it. But on the third day, I figured I should call the doctor. So I called late in the afternoon when there were about to close, and to my surprise (and horror!) the nurse told me to go straight to labor and delivery! So I left work and flew to the hospital in record time. They hooked me up to a fetal heart monitor and another monitor to see if I was having contractions. His heartbeat was fine, but I wasn't too worried about that since he was still moving around like crazy. The contraction monitor said I was having very, very small contractions- yikes! Also, the nurse checked my cervix and said I was a fingertip dilated. Yikes again! They gave me a shot of terbutaline to try to stop the contractions (although I don't think it worked). Then they did the fetal fibronectin test and drew some blood, and Sean arrived to keep me company while we waited for the results.

Thankfully, the fetal fibronectin test came back negative, which means it is very unlikely that I would go into labor in the next two weeks. Here is a little info about the test:

Fetal Fibronectin

The bloodwork came back fine, so they discharged me and told me to see my doctor in the morning. The next morning, my doctor did not seem at all concerned about what had happened. She checked my cervix again and I was still only a fingertip dilated. She said they do not consider a fingertip to be "dilated". I was still having contractions, but she said not to worry unless they get more intense. This was Friday morning, today is Saturday and they have finally stopped!

Listen here Jacob, 27 weeks is TOO early for you to come out! You need to wait at LEAST 10 more weeks! Thank you.