Thursday, April 12, 2012

Duck Derby 2-18-12

Jacob and his guitar

Charlotte wearing her first dress!

The Jacobs after kindermusik

Duck Derby at Mead Gardens
Jacob painting his duck


Charlotte and I, and Charlotte's duck!

Jacob's beautiful artwork
Sean painting Charlotte's duck
Charlotte's finished duck
Waiting for the race to start!


Ready, set...

Valentine's Day 2012

Some pictures from our Valentine's Day photo shoot. These are in need of some editing but I just don't have time.

February 14, 2012
I probably ruined the outfit with the too-big tights, but it was cold out! I'm glad it was cold though b/c she got to wear the sweater :)


Since it fell out a Tuesday, we did a Valentine's Day playdate at Stephanie's house
the kids decorated cookies

Charlotte napped

 Sean prepared an awesome dinner for us!
 Valentine's Day PJ's
and bib