Thursday, February 17, 2011

Only in Florida....

....can you go swimming in the middle of February! Hello friends, Jacob here. Mom and I went to the Dr. Phillips YMCA this afternoon to go swimming in this cool water park-like pool. However, that pool was closed so we went in the regular one. That was ok by me because we hung out on the steps a lot, so I got to combine my two favorite things- stairs and water!

 My shark hood. You wish you had one.
Even though I was very busy splashing (I mean, the water isn't going to splash itself, now is it?), I did manage to get a workout in.

And when Mom told me it was time to go, I made sure to let her (and everyone else at the pool) know exactly how I felt about that!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Parents visit/Valentine's day weekend/playdate/Disney

Well I finally have a few minutes to catch up! But I first I want to tell you about Jacob lately. He is so much fun! First of all, he KNOWS how to walk. He walks very well when he is encouraged. But when no one is encouraging him, he has no desire and will just crawl thankyouverymuch. So we are still waiting for the day when he WANTS to walk!

He loves me to read to him. He will bring me a book, hand it to me and then sit down in my lap. It is so sweet. His favorite book, by far, is "Halloween Dogs". I have no idea why!

Ok here we go- my parents came to visit for the weekend to get their Jake fill. Here we all are with Sean's parents at Toojays. Oh and I have to apologize for some of the coming shots being a bit blurry- I took all of these with my point and shoot and its shutter speed cannot keep up with my quick-moving one year old!

He ate a cheese blintz. mmmm
We went to New Smyrna Beach to look at some condos and just check out the area. It was a beautiful day.
Some cool sand sculptures!
I could totally make that ;)
Jacob loved playing with the sand and letting it fall through his fingers

The water was a little cold!

Reading with Bubbe

Last weekend, we went to Paws in the Park, a fundraiser for the SPCA. It was freezing but we had a great time and got lots of free treats for Bailey!

Sean's parents met us there
Jacob and Caitlyn (excuse me, Boyfriend and Girlfriend) at our house after the walk, in their Valentine's outfits

We need to work on this sharing thing. Which reminds me, Jacob has become VERY possessive of his toys. This is pretty new since at his birthday party he didn't care who played with them. I first noticed it when I had the playgroup at my house last week. Jacob got really upset and tried to take his toys away from everyone! Even if he had a toy in each hand, he'd still go after another toy that someone was holding.

Dinner at Outback with Sean's family

The Sunday before Valentine's Day (the 13th), we went to a concert in Winter Park with other Jacob and fam.

The Jacobs
Chilling with Daddy

This is me trying to get a picture of him wearing Daddy's sunglasses! But of course he would only keep them on for a second so it wasn't easy!

Our playgroup this Tuesday was at Amaya Papaya
If you remember, he loves the stairs

Keaton jumping

Just doing some grocery shopping

Afterwards we all went out for pizza. It was a long morning so when he got home he was exhausted!!
And now we are caught up to today. Today we went to Hollywood Studios with Natalia and Jacob. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather and the park wasn't crowded at all. Here are the babies with a soldier from toy story.

JF immediately did not trust him
But JT wasn't sure...
"Who is this funny green man?"
"I don't know..."
"Nope! Don't like him!"
Naptime for JT

Naptime for JF

We took a break in a coffee shop, where our babies decided to take everything off the shelves

Busy wreaking havoc (we cleaned it all up, promise!)
Both Jacobs first time meeting Mickey

Tired babies. What a great day!