Monday, August 27, 2012


we match! :)

Playdate at the splash pad
Testing out my new camera! Jacob wanted nothing to do with the splash pad, but Rania loved it!

my kid doesn't like splash pads

Science center

IOA 5k

Thanks for the support Charlotte!

Kindermusik runners
While I was running
Neighborhood association picnic
check out his fancy arm shark

Passover 4/6 and Easter 4/8

Passover in Tallahassee

Jacob playing with the plagues
Matching dress and shirt :)

Sean helps Jake find the afikomen
Found it!
Madison and Jacob with their afikomen
Selling it to Dad for stickers

Mark and David with Charlotte

Me and my boy
2nd night at Ann's house

Charlotte snoozing
Jacob was very interested in Sam's game
Charlotte slept for most of the seder
VERY interested

Jacob and Zayde playing their guitars- Jacob was so excited to play with Zayde!

Easter at Conor's place
Jacob got an Easter basket filled with toys!

playing outside with his new ball