Saturday, July 16, 2011

One for you, one for me....6-6-11

Well, Jacob has learned to share his snacks with the dog, and Bailey couldn't be happier!

One for me

And one for Bailey

Such hopeful eyes!
Bailey was thinking- "darn, I was hoping that one was for me!"


One time I had given Jake a snack cup that had 2 different kinds of snacks. Well, one of them he didn't like so every time he pulled out one of the ones he didn't like he gave it to Bailey!
Play date at Amanda's house to meet Kayla and Corinne! 6-2-11
Trying to get all the kids together and looking at the camera was not easy!

Jacob ended up finding a goldfish under the couch, so his search was successful!

Mommies and babies

Jake and I went to Wet n Wild, 6-7-11
Wave pool

Kiddie pool- all he wanted to do was play on the steps!


Where is he headed?
Oh yes, back to the steps!

Sea World 5-31

We went to Sea World with our play group, and bought passes that are good for the rest of the year.
 Jacob and Paige watching the dolphins

 Rowan, Paige and Jacob

 Fun at the splash pad



Fort Myers 5-27

We went to Fort Myers to visit Sarah. The first day we were there we went to Sanibel. It was a beautiful beach covered with tons of really neat shells (but that meant Jacob had to keep his shoes on!)

He had a bad case of mommy-itis that weekend

Off on a little Jacob adventure

Tanta Sarah joins us
Can  you tell we're sisters? haha

Fun with Daddy

Washing up- I think he had more fun playing with the water than at the beach!
It was time for Jacob's nap but we didn't want to go all the way home and back, so we drove around in the car for a while so he could nap. Then headed back to the beach.

He liked to hand me shells. In fact, we brought a bunch of shells home that he picked up on his walk with Daddy
For dinner we went to the Bubble Room. Such a neat place!

Mmmm bubble bread!
He loved walking up and down this little ramp!

View of the sunset from Sarah's balcony

Playing with Tanta Sarah

Cool guy. Today we went to Fort Myers Beach. This beach is definitely more touristy- it had kind of a Panama City Beach feel. However it was a GREAT beach for Jacob because there weren't many shells so he could go barefoot, and the water is shallow pretty far out.

Coming to get mama

We only stayed for the morning, and then went back to Sarah's for lunch and his nap.
After nap we went in the pool at Sarah's complex
Mommy-itis strikes again. But when I was out of sight, he played happily with Daddy! Silly guy
Sarah's condo is up there somewhere!

Sarah's pool and spa, right on the lake. So nice. Oh and me relaxing while Sean and Jacob played :)
Tired boy!
Really tired boy! (back in Orlando)