Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pretty sure I have the sweetest dog ever

*(Please excuse the quality as these were taken with our point and shoot)

Hello, Friend!

Bailey looks so thrilled!


Kisses on the foot
She would dodge her head around to try and miss his hand

She could have gotten up and walked away at any time, but she stayed right by him

Here are some more animal pictures from recently:
Hello, Riley!
Bailey and Riley

And here are some pictures Daddy took:

Daddies have their own way of doing things sometimes

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Courtney's visit

We will get to Courtney's visit but first, some catching up...

Bubbe, Zayde and Tanta Sarah met us at the Ocala Cracker Barrel for lunch

No pressure here. He WANTED to sit in that chair!

First time sitting in the cart. Don't let his face fool you- he loved it!

And now Courtney and Eric's visit! First we went to Colorado Fondue while Jacob stayed home with Grandpa

And the next day, to New Smyrna Beach
I think my friends like Jacob's toys more than he does...
Just chillin with Star and Kevin

My beach bum

Naked time!

Lunch time

Nap time


He liked the pool much better than the ocean

Playing with Daddy

The gang

My little lobster

Star gives the towel a try
Sink bath!

My little sharky
Chico looks a LITTLE worried here...
Oh Chico you're fine! You have another eye, geez
(No animals were harmed in the making of this blog!)
A very intense moment in the Jenga game
Time for the girls to play. We beat the boys. By a lot. ;)
Another  naptime
Jake and Courtney at Monday brunch

Can I remind you how little he was the last time Courtney saw him?

Back to brunch- Jake, Courtney, Holly and I (and Sophie snuck in the far left hand corner)
This is from this past weekend, Danielle's wedding weekend