Friday, August 27, 2010

Sea World!

Jacob's first trip to Sea World! Our passes are good for the rest of the year, so watch out Sea World, we'll be back!
Mr. Man ready for his day

Looking at the fish with Tanta Sarah

He LOVED all the aquariums

Looking at the sharks above our heads

Looking at the sharks in the pool
Here is what he was looking at
Jake and Tanta Sarah
Looking at the penguins

Sarah pets a sting ray
Shamu bars and a napping baby

Jake and I inside a fish tank!

Next we checked out the kiddie part (Shamu's happy harbour)
Riding the carousel 

He loved getting wet

At the Shamu show
Of course I had to buy him a souvenir!

Today Natalia and other Jacob came over to play

"If I push the fish pond under the crib, other Jacob won't be able to play with it!"
"What fish pond? I don't see a fish pond anywhere!" 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Recent events

Not a whole lot new here! One thing did happen that was very exciting though. So Jacob has been doing the milk sign for a couple weeks now. He does it every single time I nurse him, but he has never done it to ask for milk. Well, 2 nights ago he woke up at midnight (why???????) so I went in there, picked him up out of the crib and decided to rock him back to sleep and not feed him. Well he put his head down on me and picked it back up a few times, then looked at me and did the milk sign! And...I fed him :) 

 Oh and I almost forgot- Jacob can wave now! He did it for the first time last Friday- Grandma Jane was babysitting and I said goodbye to her and waved, and Jacob waved too! Now he does it all the time, especially to Daddy since Daddy usually gives him a big reaction!

Speaking of Daddy- Daddy bought Jacob a swing and he LOVES it!

Caution, indeed.

These pictures are from Tuesday's Moms Meeting Moms. Gymboree came, and Jacob's favorite part was the bubbles!
I always lay out a nice blanket for Jacob- why? I'm not sure, because he doesn't stay on it at all anymore! He is ALL over the place!
Here he is stealing Rowan's toys (notice how nicely all the other babies are sitting on their blankets!)
HELLOOOOO Rowan! What beautiful eyes you have!

Jacob F. is stylin in his jean diaper 

Got it!
Olivia loved the bubbles too!
Jacob has no problem climbing all over the other moms if they happen to get in his way!