Saturday, January 22, 2011

I have friends that live in the computer...

and today I met some of them! Most people that know me know that I am part of a private online chat group of moms (which I refer to as "my board", as in "the girls on my board say...."). Anyways, today I had a chance to meet up with some of them, including 4 from out of town that I have never met! We took over the activity room of a hotel down by Disney and it was a lot of fun! It is so strange meeting people for the first time when you feel like you already know them! I didn't get very many pictures, but here is what I did get:


 babies, babies everywhere!

 Jacob and Lyla sharing a toy

 Hey there, Landon buddy....

 mind if I nibble your shoulder a little?
 Time for you to go Jacob!
 Taking a picture of 8 babies...what could be hard about that?
 The whole group

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things I don't want to forget

Jacob is amazing me with all the things he is doing nowadays. He is so much fun. When he picks up his toy phone or my cell phone, he holds it to his ear. He knows where his bellybutton is and can point to his foot when I ask. When I hand him his hairbrush, he brushes his hair (well, he tries!). Same with his comb. He does twinkle twinkle little star and the itsy bitsy spider. Except he does the itsy bitsy spider with one hand. He does "so big". When he is playing he loves to hand me things. When he is in a ball pit, he will hand me all the balls. When he is in his high chair, he holds his food out to Bailey and giggles when she takes it out of his hand. When she is laying on the floor, he will crawl up to her and lay his head down on her! I must get a picture of this! It is so sweet. When I put him in his car seat, he picks up the chest buckle and tries to buckle it! Then he points to the light at the top of the car. Whenever I ask him where the light is (anywhere we are), he points up to it. He uses his whole hand to point instead of one finger! He loves fruit and yogurt and gets very excited and starts squealing when he sees either one!

He finally said a word! Dada! And now he says it all the time. And when he is in his crib annoyed that we aren't getting him, it becomes daDA! da-DAAA!

He is SO close to walking. He can walk with just one of my fingers all day. But the second I take it away, he leans back and falls onto his bottom and crawls away. According to the pediatrician who saw him at his 12 month visit- "This boy can walk. He just doesn't want to". I hope he wants to soon!

Birthday party extravaganza!

2 weekends. 5 birthday parties. 4 of them in the same weekend. Here we go!

Eating by himself! What a big boy
Playing in the ball pit
Found the stairs

Birthday girl!
Jacobs playing

He likes to try to climb UP the slide
Paige says- don't let this tutu fool you! I'm a tough girl!
Time for the cake smash!

She did a great job!
Jacob tears down the wall

In the tunnel
The following weekend
To start off the day, we had Jacob's one year pictures. On the way to our photographer's house from the orchard where the pictures were, he fell asleep. By the way, the drink Sean is holding in his hand is a delicious orange slushy from the orchard! mmmm
Post cake smash

Rowan had kindermusik at her party, and it happened to be our teacher, Katrina (and another teacher)

Daddy takes a turn

He loves the bubbles

Not sure why blogger wouldn't post this the right way!

He loves banging on the drum with the egg shaker

cake smash! My favorite

Rowan was not a fan!

She would eat it with a spoon though!
Shayna and Jacob
Birthday girl


Lorelei wasn't crazy about the cake either! Although I did miss most of it since I was watching Jacob
There was a small bounce house which Jacob loved! I think the big ones are too overwhelming for him
Grady and Jake

Sean was making him laugh

Shauna's party was at a park
Arshee and Jake in the ball pit
This was so funny to watch- Jacob and Lorelei kept stealing the xylophone back and forth from each other!

cake smash time!

Shauna loved it!
my boys

Jacobs in a wagon

They had a petting zoo at the park
Jacob was not really a fan
Shayna's party was at Gymboree

Jacob F.
He held on to that yellow ball for quite a while

Jacob crawled all the way across the parachute to be by Girlfriend

Jacobs and bubbles

trying to take off his sock

Again, he crawled far away from me!
Sitting at the little table! How cute!
nom nom watermelon nom nom
Birthday girl

Shayna enjoyed her cake!