Monday, December 20, 2010


Sean's work holiday party was held at EPCOT. They gave everyone tickets to go during the day, so we went down there after Jacob's morning nap.

 Ready to go!

First stop: Spaceship Earth

While we were on the ride it broke! First we sat in our little car FOREVER while we listed to a message every 5 seconds about our time travel re-starting any minute. Then we were  informed that our time travel would, indeed, NOT be re-starting and we had to get out of our little cars and walk down a ton of steps. But not without taking some pictures first ;)

 Nap time
 Happy husband, getting ready to buy some holiday beer

 We saw the world coming out
 We saw it because we were stuck behind this drawbridge
 sunset. Right before this we all went on the Norway ride. Jacob did great

We changed and went to the Living Seas, which was where dinner was. Jacob LOVED looking at the aquarium! Scuba divers kept swimming by and waving at him

 Ron presenting Jim with an award during dinner. The food was delicious!

After dinner our guide walked everyone over to France, where we had an area reserved to watch the fireworks show. There was a coffee and tea bar set up and some amazing desserts! And we had the best view in all of EPCOT for the show!
 Mary and Jane eating dessert. They will love this picture, no doubt

 Our fabulous dessert

 It got chilly out

 Jake and I watching the show

 Jacob LOVED the fireworks. He wasn't scared at all.

 The guy working the coffee bar gave him a light up ice cube. He loves that thing. It changes colors.

 Conor and Jim

 Jacob and his ice cube
 Carrying the stroller up the stairs

All tuckered out, with his ice cube and the keychain Daddy bought him. Awesome awesome holiday party!