Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sarah's graduation

I realized that this is probably the first post that Jacob is not in! We traveled to Gainesville for Sarah's graduation from UF pharmacy school, and Sean's mom came along to take care of Jacob so we could enjoy all the festivities!

Her beautiful cap

Getting ready

These shoes are special- they required a late night visit (the night before) to Sarah's apartment for 2 (my mom and I) opinions!

So many cords- I do not know what they are all for. One is for cum laude, one for honors society maybe? Maybe I will ask Sarah and then update this post. But probably not.

Sarah with her hood, ready to go!

Mom and Sarah

I guess this is for real!
Proud parents
Uncle Ron and parents
It begins!
Sarah and Nicole ("Snicole" from now on)

Can you find Sarah? She is looking at us
Almost her turn!
There she is!

Going back to their seats

Snicole waving
Can you spot Snicole? They are looking this way
Uncle Ron saying the pharmacist's oath

Sarah and Joy

Afterwards there were many cakes

with Mom and Dad
Family picture
Proud sister :)
and proud brother-in-law
With Aunt Audrey and Uncle Michael

Uncle Ron

That night there was a party- here are the highlights

Awesome cake

Lots of mingling
LOTS of wine consumption

Snicole gave a speech

We listened to the speech
Then they made us introduce ourselves and say our favorite drug

They opened gifts (this is ours)
Part one

And part two
Giggling at the coach box

Then Snicole cut the cake

Not sure who thought it was a good idea to give Sarah a knife...


We had a great weekend and we are so proud of Dr. Sarah!