Friday, January 13, 2012

Charlotte's second week

Such a little peanut in her big crib!
Jacob's 2 year appointment
Nurse Ebony let him color with the markers...but he still cried while she measured him!

We weighed Charlotte while we were there - only 1oz away from birth weight at 6 days old! Which means she probably hit her birth weight the next day at one week exactly!
Jacob did not appreciate the exam. At all. But the doctor said everything looks good! He estimated that he is going to be about 6 feet tall

Charlotte meets Rocco
How appropriate is his shirt? Love it!

Baby swap!
  Thanks for visiting, Holly and Scott and Rocco!
Nicole visits
0 month picture
Natalia visits
Tummy time! I love the ruffle butt!
"Mommy's white balance is off and she is too tired to fix it in PS! I'm not really THAT red!"

Practicing my fencing
Daddy play!

Could they possibly look more alike??

Charlotte's first walk- we walked with Bubbe and Zayde and Jake to Interlachen Country Club

Jacob following Zayde to see the bird
He had fun pulling his wagon around
It was a beautiful day!

  Chilling on the way back - this is the way to travel!
1-13 2 weeks old exactly- second doctor appointment
  She gained 8oz in the past 8 days- perfect! So proud of my awesome eater! Just look at that belly! When I did a before and after weight at TEA the other day, she took 3oz in 8 MINUTES! Unreal!
I knew her head was tiny!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jacob!

January 4, 2010

January 4, 2011

January 4, 2012

Dear Jacob,
   What a great year it has been! You have changed so much this year and it is so neat watching you grow. You have learned to walk and talk and even sing! You know your colors and you can count to 5 (and when you are done you always say "yay!" and clap for yourself!). You love trains and cars, balloons, Kindermusik, clocks, your swingset, and books. You REALLY love guitars! You carry your blue guitar ("boo tar!") all over the house, and when we ask you what pajamas you want you always say "tars!". You like Mickey and Elmo. Your favorite foods are bananas (nana) and grapes. You have a new baby sister, although I'm not sure you quite grasp that she is here to stay!
   One of my favorite things to watch you do is have a phone conversation. You pick up your play phone, say "hello" very clearly, and then proceed to have a whole conversation in gibberish (but very serious). Then you say "bye bye!". It makes me laugh every time! When I ask you who was on the phone, it is always Emmy or Bubbe.
   You have such a sweet nature and you love to hug and kiss everything, from your stuffed animals to characters in your books. Before you go to bed at night, you say "love you" to Daddy and I.
   Jacob, I love you so much and I can't wait to see what this next year brings!


Birthday Celebration: We started out by giving him some balloons in the morning since he loves balloons.

He carried them all over the house

Next we gave him our present- a train table

pretty fancy! There are things that light up and make noise too

He played with the table while Sean made one of his favorite breakfasts, crepes
Then we went to Monkey Joe's
He loves to "play" the video games


After lunch (pizza) and a nap, it was time to open more gifts!
He is getting pretty good at opening presents! This one is from Tanta Sarah

From Bubbe and Zayde:

Also from Tanta Sarah:

After dinner we had cake and ice cream

I think he had a great day!